Affordable tree services from Fryeburg Maine

What We Do


Tree Removal

Tree removal comes in many forms. From removal of blow downs from your property to removal of large trees infringing on your home, J&C Tree Services has the expertise to safely remove and dispose of the tree.


Tree Pruning

The health of the trees and shrubs play a large part in the safety and aesthetics of your property and environment. The maintenance of these plants is vital to not only their well being, but to the organic and inorganic structures that surround them.


Tree Cabling/Bracing

Cabling/Bracing goes to serve for additional support and friction reduction in weak crotches to extend the life expectancy of the tree.


Firewood Services

Firewood cutting, splitting and delivery services are available. Contact us for details.

Working with us

J&C Tree offers an affordable, minimalistic approach to keeping your residence safe and sound, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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